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SoSA Core Team


Membership in the Core Team is designed to represent the different segments of the business community – 1) education, 2) public, 3) private for profit and 4) not for profit.  The Core Team is comprised of a maximum of 12 members, with the general distribution of 3 members each representing one of the four segments listed previously.  An entity representing a segment may have more than one individual (i.e. an alternate), but no entity may have more than one vote.

Core Team member’s expectations:


  • Shall submit an application for membership in the Core Team (either as proposed new member, or as an existing member with an expiring term) and agree to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

  • Attend 75% of the SoSA meetings including the Core Team meetings, Spring Summit and Fall Workshop.

  • Provide sponsorship support to SoSA in-kind and/or monetarily.

  • Participate in one or more SoSA Teams (see below for details). 

  • New SoSA Core Team members are elected by a majority vote of the existing Core Team members in good standing.

  • Have a staggered 2-year term (the exception will be founding members, whom shall be divided randomly as 1 and 2 year terms initially, with 2 year terms thereafter).

  • Act as a mentor and respond to queries from SoSA membership


Core Team - Responsibilities


  • Maintain a representative membership across the four sectors of public, private, educational and not for profit organizations.

  • Engage the business communities to ensure robust and balanced participation is fostered.

  • Provide administrative oversight of event management.

  • Provide oversight of funding and grant requests.

  • Ensure standard business practices for any funding received for SoSA activities, including reporting, etc.

  • Facilitate communications to internal membership, as well as publicity to promote membership and participants.

  • Coordinate events and programs, which support the mission of collaboration and innovation of sustainability in the greater Summit County area.

  • Maintain records (agenda, minutes, membership roster, etc.).

  • Review, revise and update the Strategic Plan, Leadership Structure and MOU as needed.



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